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Last week we launched our new brand. One of our important touch points as a digital agency is of course our website. We aimed for the website to be ‘drenched in brand’ as we like to call it.

Subtle hints

We wanted the gum concept — the cornerstone of the Yummygum brand — to be ever so subtly present throughout the brand touch points. Did you notice how the circular animations mimic bubble being gum blown in a bubble?

If you look closely you can how the saturation and brightness changes on animations. The bubbles start our slightly more saturated and dark compared to the end state of the animations , resembling the gum being stretched over a large surface and losing transparency because of it? And of course we also incorporated it into our copy writing. We had just two rules to abide; don’t overdo it and don’t work with old gum or bursted bubbles.

We could talk all day about this but you can see for yourself at

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