Infinity Snake Ring

Fantasy ring I made in fall 2021. It's a rough-platinum band inset with parametrically-generated gold wires. As a real jeweler might notice, my diamonds are hilariously refractive with an index of over 2.00. What can I say? I just like them shiny because @fvckrender broke my tastes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In addition to making an expensive engagement ring I want to buy my girlfriend, I also improved my Indoor Lighting skills. I used 3 light sources: blue-ish sun through a window, yellow ceiling light, HDRI.

Forgive the bad wood UV. Just pretend it is deliberate irony not a mistake 😉


I'm Looking for Work

Happy to fill roles in 3D illustration, UX/UI or design research.



Or dm me on Dribble :)



  • Modelled in Rhino 7 using Grasshopper & Kangaroo physics simulations.

  • Materials and Rendering in Modo (similar to cycles in Blender)


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