📝 Reminders Feature

Why we did this feature?

  • When starting a new consultation, practitioners can’t see existing tasks at a glance

  • At the end of the consultation, practitioners can’t add a task to themselves for the next time they see their patient

  • When importing documents, practitioners can’t add to themselves a task for next steps

  • When receiving a call or importing documents, secretaries can’t easily create a task for the practitioner to review it

Needs & Objectives:

  • Maximize feature usage in consultation

  • Centralize the tasks in patients files

Solution proposed:

  • During a consultation, users can see & mark as done existing tasks

  • During a consultation, users can create new tasks for important next steps

  • Outside a consultation, users can see, create & mark as done task related to the patient

Thanks to Bettina

This feature is the first stone of a bigger feature called Task Manager, yet to come.

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Posted on Jan 4, 2022
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