LAK Gallery is an art gallery that aims to bridge the gap between art collectors and various artists who create modern pieces of furniture, sculptures, ceramics and designs. The gallery's goal is to showcase a vast diversity of artists from across the globe, no matter how large of a following they have.

The task they had for us was an important one, we had to create the design of their website — their hub, the place where artists can show their work, and where collectors can find the next pieces for their collections. It had to be highly functional, but at the same time it had to be visually pleasing to be harmonious with the showcased art pieces.

Our conclusion was that the website had to have a minimal design language, to put the emphasis on the art pieces themselves. Using a bold sans serif typeface we captured the modern style of the overall project.

The theme of the brand's design is clean and minimalistic, which enables the artworks and artists to shine. Furthermore, the website's design and subtle motion graphics don't distract from the art pieces, but rather elevate them.

All great art has a story to tell, which is why the product pages feature a section dedicated to the stories behind every individual piece. Along their stories, every product has the right amount of relevant information that a collector might need.

Everything mentioned, together with an intuitive user interface, culminates in a web experience that is a delight to use and simply browse through, even without the intention of buying or selling a piece of art.

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