My Best Nine (2021)

According to your likes these are the best nine posts from this year on my Dribbble page. I really appreciate everyone of you. Especially the ones who encouraged me through messages, likes, comments and other forms of engagement. For a lot fo us designers and illustrators this kind of encouragement helps to keep our heads up in the midst of self doubt. But it's equally important to point out that social media can be the opposite of encouragement. Follows and likes don't determine who we are as humans and creatives. So let us use social media in healthy doses and let us encourage each other!

Also I thank every client who entrusted me with their tasks and projects. This trust helps to feed my family and to literally live my dream. I'm thankful for every client beyond words.

This year was tough for a lot of us. Therefore, it fills me all the more with gratitude that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was also faithful to me even when I was unfaithful to Him.

I wish everyone who reads this a happy, fruitful and creative new year 2022.

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