Immersive UI

Just finished the UI layer, things are coming together and I can see the square house photo flex nicely with a mask (not that I know how to do it yet). Excited to get these in After Effect and start noodling. Side note: I made up the last screen to fit my prototype and heavily tweaked third one too, I usually take some creative freedom with the UI as long as the hierarchy stay close to current.

✅ Step 1 - Low fidelity wireframe

✅ Step 2 - High fidelity prototype

🔨 Step 3 - Motion

P.S: sorry for the lame repost, I just realized that 1600x1200px is the Minimum recommended upload size on dribbble... no wonder my stuff looked a bit pixelated 🙈

Posted on Dec 21, 2021
Nicolas Solerieu
Things for screens (mostly rectangles)

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