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SSD chemical laboratory for cleaning and washing currencies is an international laboratory registered after the joint approval of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in 1951. It was started to assist and help Governments, Banks, Companies and Business people to clean their coated or defaced bank notes.

Currencies that are transformed during transportation to secure them from highjackers, Corrupt government officials, Terrorists, bandits and others. SSD chemical laboratory was first based in Switzerland and one branch in NEW YORK.

But due to currency safety especially those in transition it was agreed upon to form another branch in South Africa which is located in Johannnesburg so that it handles consignments in Africa and other sorrounding countries to reduce on the risk of being stolen by outsiders in the transit due to long distance.

SSD chemical laboratory for cleaning and washing currencies has a team of Experienced technicians around the world and are highly trained specifically to offer professional and technical services of cleaning and washing defaced, coated and semi processed notes.

The Laboratory technicians from our company can handle cleaning and washing by both manual and most recent with automation machine. After a proper understanding with a client we decide to either send to you one or two technicians to handle your cosignments wherever you are.

Posted on Dec 21, 2021

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