Createbreak dribbble

This summer I launched a weekly challenge called #CreateBREAK.

The idea was to encourage spontaneous creativity and get people to take a break from their daily routines.

Every week or so there is a new theme... So far we have had #PirateBREAK, #NinjaBREAK, #NintendoBREAK, and #RobotBREAK.

One can sketch, doodle, paint, photograph, build, or create something relating to the current theme.

People can either submit on Facebook in our group by joining... and submitting their work with the tags #CreateBREAK and then the weekly hashtag of the challenge.


Submit on Instagram.... again one must use the hashtags that I mentioned above and tag it with @kennshinabery. This enables me to find the post and then share it on Facebook.

I have been thinking about creating a full site for #CreateBREAK, and feature the submissions there as well....

But now I send the challenge out to my fellow DRIBBBLERS!!! TAKE A BREAK AND CREATE.

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