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What can be easier than ordering a food delivery? But in case you didn't know, artists and designers are the moodiest people on earth. We never know what we want, but it's never just a burger… If you're an artist at heart, you will appreciate our need not to go over the dozens of restaurants and cafes in a food delivery app. Not mentioning the hundreds of dishes' names and descriptions every time you need an emergency taco. So we've created the "Moody Foodie" app. Just pick your mod to see what the world of gastronomy has in store for this case specifically – fruit salad or a tomahawk steak. Thought, you can always search for "a simple taco" if you wish. Don't say no to yourself! Match your food to your mood and fulfill all and any of your whims with Moody Foodie.

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Anastasia Golovko
UI/UX Design & Development.

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