E-Commerce Store Logo Design

About the Brand


Khyber Infinity Pakistan (KIP) is an e-commerce marketplace for brands selling items ranging from electronics to home appliances to fashion.

KIP targets all genders within an age group from 16 to 45 in Pakistan.


Brief Background


The Khyber Pass is a mountain pass in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan, on the border with Afghanistan.

Since Khyber Pass was part of the ancient Silk Road, it has been a vital trade route between Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent and a strategic military choke point for various states that controlled it.


Lettermark Concept


The logo is based on the two initials of the brand name.

The lettermark of Ki is created by merging the symbols of mountains and road of the Khyber Pass with an abstract infinity symbol which acts as the dot of the letter 'i'.

The upper serif's angle of the letter 'i' is based on the Khyber Pass' mountains.

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