Pandemic Parents

Shoutout to all those folks raising little humans during this time. Raising kiddos is hard enough, but throw in a pandemic and it is just madness at times. Personally, I am grateful for the extra time it has given me with my son. He was born just before the first lockdown when a lot of my work dried up and I could really focus on our little family. Now, 21 months later he is thriving in preschool and making us so proud. I have new clients and opportunities that I am really thankful for that the pandemic has surely made me earn.

To all those pandemic parents out there, well done! It hasn't been easy and you should be proud. I'm not sure how parents with more than one child, who have periodically had to homeschool are pulling it all off. You impress me!! I hope you look at this medal and feel a huge sense of accomplishment, you earned it and much, much, more!!

With travel restrictions easing, it looks like my son will finally meet his Australian grandparents in person for Christmas!

I think it is rather apt that the beautiful typeface used here is called Lovechild (by beastsofengland).

Stay safe everyone, and get lost Omicron!

George P. Wilson
Brand Identity Designer and Illustrator

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