Color Process Illustration

Color Process Illustration

Hey there everyone,

Some of you asked me about my color process and after a kinda long porcess of analyzing my own workflow I have something to share... but not today. I still have to refine the text, since I sound like a teacher.

But I wanted to share one of the illustrations I did to highlight some aspects of my process/tipps. So basically one of the best ways for great color scheme s is to forget about those scheme generators you can find on the web and to go outside and capture the moods nature offers you. Maybe @2x enhances the UX here, if not, I also attached an even larger version of this illo.

So that's the story of this shot, btw - it's monochrome, because I wanted to keep the info plain and not filled with colors.

The article will follow soon.

Thank you very much for your attention and have an awesome weekend.

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