Surnames Single Artwork Suite

Hey all. Chuffed with how this suite of single artwork turned out for my friend Liam and his band Surnames.

Liam shared some of his new songs with me, and we talked about how his music is the same but different — it pulls from the same reference points, but it also seems to be shifting slightly — more energetic, more synths, and using more programmed drums. 

The single artwork tries to echo that shift — we kept the Surnames flower from the last album, but tessellated it and paired it with more vibrant and punchy colors. 

Shout outs to Surnames for being a good client and a great friend — they’re one of my earliest clients from when I struck out on my own a few years ago, and we’re still riding together. If you need some new music you should check them out — their song California was recently featured on Netflix’s show You! Woah.

Hope you're doing alright out there, wherever there may be.

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Posted on Nov 3, 2021
Brent McCormick
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