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Hey all!

Insurance of everything possible is already a sick practice in the USA and Europe. Isn’t it cool to be calm about your home, car, or even your own life? As for me, this is exactly what you need.

There is quite a lot of stress in our world, so insurance makes it possible to be confident in the future. Moreover, the pension is no longer worried about as an issue. After all, your life is now completely under your control.

What do you think about this design? What do you think about the illustrations? I was super lucky because the client completely trusted me, so I created a unique platform and product page.

Simple and interesting onboarding right on the site - isn’t good solution?. And the style itself? Mmmm…. I really like the final results.

Design — Figma

Illustrations — Procreate 


💌 I am open to new projects! 


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Taras Migulko
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