Bro 🀘 or No πŸ–•?

Bro or No? Is it rad?Β Yes.Β A game changer?Β You bet. Will it make you the best bro possible? No doubt!

It goes without saying πŸ‘‰

  • A bro of a bro is a bro 🀝

  • A bro is always psyched 🀘

  • No sex with your bro’s ex πŸ‘Š

Bro-seshes πŸ‘»

Each time a bro does something awesome, i.e. a party trick, takes a beer bong, or slays an important life event, etc. members of the bro team can add money to the bro-fund. Bro-fund money can be donated to a suggested charity or into the selected founding-bros connected account to be used to buy drinks for the group, pay for a private party, or whatever the bros want.Β So we ask again, bro 🀟 or noπŸ–•?

Posted on Oct 17, 2021

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