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I'm just reading a book called Show your work by Austin Kleon (author of the Steal like an artist) where he writes about the importance of sharing your work, especially when you work in the creative industry.

He speaks bluntly about the destructive myth of a lonely genius, where we tend to glorify the process behind the creative works of others, which paralises us to hide our unfinished and non-perefect work and makes us think we should only share the biggest masteprieces for most prominent brands or shouldn't share anything at all.

I've done it for years, you might be doing too, but the key is to focus on the process rather than the final work. Firstly, in creative industry there is no such thing as a "final work", and secondly, showing small bits of designs here and there is even better for inspiration, which is ultimately why we are all here for.

That motivatated me to try to share more of what I've done or what I'm working on. So, here's a landing page design I've done on one go few years ago for fun when I felt creative and wanted to do some visual exercise. Maybe it will inspire you, you'll borrow something and make something amazing with it! Cheers ✌️

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