Design is Where I Found My People

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I had forgotten about this amazing playoff until I was pleasantly reminded yesterday afternoon (thanks, Veronica!). So I jumped right on it and threw this together before I procrastinated, forgot again, and missed out on yet another playoff.

Design is where I found my people. I've worn a lot of hats over the years from retail management, writing and sitting as Editor in Chief of a news website, the food service industry, and even third-shift factory work for a couple years. In none of those worlds did I truly feel like I was at home with the people I interacted with day-to-day. Sure, I collected a few great friends here and there, but they were exceptional.

Ever since taking the huge leap into the design industry, I've made some of the best friendships I've had in my entire life. I feel like the people I'm working with and interacting with each day are finally folks that get me, appreciate me and the things I appreciate, and can relate to my interests.

Dribbble has played a huge role in this growth of mine, as I've shared many times before, and served as the catalyst for me to connect so deeply to this industry and the beautiful people it's made up of.

Thanks, @Dribbble. And thank you, design!

Large version, big sketch and béziers attached. Took the simple monolinear sketch into Illustrator and put the width tool to work on this one. :)

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