L is for Laffy Taffy

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Next in the 90s Nibbles series, L is for Laffy Taffy, next in the #90sNibbles series. I frickin’ loved this candy! I would say, “Give me the pink one!” I didn’t know what fruit it was supposed to taste like, and I didn’t care. I even loved how it would get stuck in my teeth so I could taste it for a long time after.

Laffy Taffy was first introduced in 1970 by its original name “Beich’s Caramels” which was not very accurate because there was no caramel to be found. They later changed the name, thank goodness. “Laffy Taffy” not only refers to the texture of the candy but also its silly nature. Each wrapper had jokes that were submitted by kids. One of those chestnuts goes like this: "What is Labor Day? – That's when mommies have their babies." Haaaaaaa.

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