Automarket Find a vehicle - search bar experience is a web platform owned by PKO Leasing. It offers new and used cars after leasing to individual and business customers, along with various financing tools brought by PKO BP Group. It brings together the financial world supported by the Group with an automotive market, creating a unique proposition for customers that value quality and flexibility of the offer. The platform offers detailed information, special guarantee and various financing options, enabling customers to finish the whole ordering process online. Netguru was chosen as a partner to provide consulting and design services in creating the new platform. We worked together on the product and brand discovery, utilising workshops and research to set a foundation for following work on visual identity and interface design. We also made sure to run user tests to adjust the final product according to customers needs and expectations.

You can find the full case study here.

Crafting a well-prepared search bar experience for users there, was a crucial for us. We were aware the users journey with vehicle is starting from that place. Auto suggestions, live database searching & showing the results simultaneously - that was the clue!


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