Sales brochure | Lorenz Technology ApS

Hey guys,

This is a front and back side of a sales brochure that I created for Lorenz Technology ApS when I worked there as a digital concept developer / graphic designer in 2019.

Lorenz Technology ApS is a Danish tech startup based in Odense, Denmark. It specialises in delivering software solutions for drones and mobile robots by the implementation of AI, edge-computing, and automation, integrating flight, mapping, and analysis on their platform: Lorenz AI-Link and Lorenz Hive.

During my time there, I redefined their brand by reviewing all of the company’s previous content, weighing and evaluating what was worth keeping and what needed to be further developed or redesigned. I created a holistic brand and a guideline for them to follow. This brochure that I designed is part of the redefined brand.

Hope you like it

Erna Gunnars
Graphic Designer | Concept Developer

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