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  1. Alex Brooke Alex Brooke

    Quick shot of my new portfolio design, after I made a few final reservations to it!

    I'm personally liking the look of this design! What do ya'll think of it?

    almost 3 years ago

  2. Dan Strogiy Dan Strogiy

    I love the font.
    Personally I would make the font size on the button a bit bigger and that's about it.

    almost 3 years ago

  3. Adis Hasanic Adis Hasanic

    What's the font used for "web designer" ?

    I like the colors :)

    almost 3 years ago

  4. Alex Brooke Alex Brooke

    @danstrog @Adis the font is Androgyne with an edited kernel :) it's my fave font!

    almost 3 years ago

  5. Bianca Bianca

    I'm not a big fan of the little black triangle that's formed by the overlapping i on the g, otherwise it's lovely :)

    almost 3 years ago

  6. Alex Brooke Alex Brooke

    @Bianca - oops I didn't notice that little error! Thanks! I'll fix it up :)

    almost 3 years ago

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