Batman Day 2021 (A)

I generally don’t do fanart. But Batman Day (tomorrow!) is the most important day of the year. Eso es así. So here’s a piece to commemorate it from a more global team perspective, less focused on the individual character:

Batman’s Team

• Katana, close to her conception in BtB. Batman’s deadly sidekick.

• Jim Gordon. Gordon is the best. He doesn’t need to be anything else.

• Lucius Fox, genius scientist and gadgets inventor.

• Barbara Gordon as Oracle, master hacker and top-notch detective.

• Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne’s butler. I imagine him as a retired British professional boxer who could destroy Bane with one punch. He’d be this series’ One Punch Man. He never fights or everything would be too easy.

Joker’s Team

Very hard to choose only 5 extra villains :-(

• The Riddler, unsurpassed intellect and brilliant strategist.

• Poison Ivy, unstoppable force of nature.

• Mr. Freeze, genius scientist with a frozen heart.

• Killer Croc, bestial criminal.

• Catwoman, the most notorious thief in Gotham.

I’ve tried to reduce the palette to some vintage greens, browns and yellows. Perhaps I could print postcards with this...

Take a look at the detail images and pencils :-)

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