Car Rental Mobile App

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Driving an expensive car is a kind of unique experience, and renting such a car is an affordable way to try it. We designed a concept mobile app, using which one can rent a premium-class car.

The shot shows two screens: the left one is a home page with a search filtering by car brands and available cars. The right screen is a car page that provides details about the chosen car.

We used blue and black as the main colors. This combination adds a nice contrast to the interface and creates a futurist and modern look of the app matching the high-end market trends.

This concept app focuses on offering only status cars for rent based on the user's geolocation. The app provides a 3D show of the available cars, making it easy to see every detail on the selected car.

What do you think about this one?

Posted on Aug 30, 2021
Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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