Skateboard tips & tricks

Hey guys!

Check out our newly created landing page with a skateboarder we've recently made here at Zajno! The page is dedicated to teaching skateboarding tricks for beginners.

We've come up with the skateboarding school website, where everyone can watch some tutorial videos, download the results, and get some feedback from more advanced skaters.

I used some contrast colors and simple forms combined with 3D. My focus was on 3D graphics and at the same time on making the information for the users easier to perceive, so that they pay more attention to the detail!

As for me, skateboarding is an awesome kind of sports making one feel free just riding around and doing some simple tricks. It is a sport that you can practice just about everywhere. Taking up a board and hitting up your local park means making new friends and becoming a part of an international community! Do you skateboard, BTW?

Please, share your thoughts guys!

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