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Tasked with creating the logo, identity, and Squarespace website for a data analytics company on a short timeline (mainly because I had a hip replacement!). There's a lot of these data companies out there... We landed on a unique color palette to stand out in this industry, line art illustrations and icons, and a simplified approach to the language in comparison to competitors.

Live site:

Hope to continue pushing this brand as it expands!

I often have to remind myself that *graphic design is meant to solve a problem or answer a question* — a fundamental that gets muddled for me as I am onslaught with GORGEOUS design work on platforms like this. I feel imposter syndrome... a lot. But at the end of the day, I know I am solving client needs and I do good work.

:)~ Are there ways you try to avoid imposter syndrome?

Diana Terry
UI Designer, Illustrator, Optimist

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