Icon Composer

I just made a mini-blog post with a bunch of icon-design related links. I've bookmarked quite a few blog posts, interviews, and so on throughout the years, so I thought I'd get them all in one place where they can help people learn.

This shot is the most recent version of my Icon Composer icon. The original was one of the first icons I ever made, and I've revised it more or less every year since [as I got better at perspective, coloring, 3D integration, etc.]. I think I'm happy* with it for now :)

Here's the fullview, and here's a fullview on a white background.

You can download this icon [and its companion icon] for free from my website. Enjoy!

* Now, whether I'll be happy with it in 2015 is a different question entirely...

Posted on Jun 24, 2014

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