Pitch Template

'Sup guys

Been a minute since I last posted, been busy working a couple of projects which I will be sharing more of soon. For now here's a bit of different shot than usual. This is template I designed for Pitch, or at least a bit of it. Super stoked on how this came out.

Be sure to check it out here👇 https://pitch.com/templates

Pitch is launching a lot of templates today, all made by great designers and they all look great!

Have a great day guys! Peace✌️


Design class: http://skl.sh/2h4JrWa

Animation class: https://skl.sh/2D8StYQ

Instagram: https://shorturl.at/hipGU

Free lesson: http://shorturl.at/iwIOP

Designer/ skateboarder available for freelance projects ↓

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