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Choosing furniture is hard. You need to make sure that the color and the composition fit in with the room design. Wouldn’t it be way easier to choose, if you could just try it out in real conditions? It definitely would and AR makes it possible now.
Take a look at our recent shot — AR furniture app 🪑

1️⃣st screen — sales catalogue
Choose the category: chairs, sofas, mirrors. Use the search bar to find what you need. See the most popular options in the chosen category.
2️⃣nd screen — flypage
Rotate the product and check it from every angle. Change the color to find the perfect fit. Proceed to payment, if you’re 100% sure or take a look at how it looks in real conditions.
3️⃣rd screen — AR view
It works through the camera. You can also move the 1x1 picture of a product, change the color or take a photo. On top of that, you can open the list with other products that may fit together well.

🔵 The accent color is blue as it helps to concentrate and associates with cleanliness and purity.

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Created by Nikita Lavrik

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