Non-linear reading (CNN new redesign)

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Design can solve a lot of problems. Non-linear reading makes it easier to navigate complex information and return to previous locations. But what if we change the way we consume information from news and social media? The non-linear reading approach could help people focus only on what is really important and cut all the fat.

We spend hours consuming news because we want to be well informed. But is that time well spent? News is, by definition, something that doesn’t last. And as news has become easier to distribute and cheaper to produce, the quality has decreased. News misleads. News is irrelevant. News is toxic to your body. News increases cognitive errors. News inhibits thinking. News wastes time. News kills creativity. Stop consuming it altogether!

Out of the 10,000 news stories you may have read in the last 12 months, did even one allow you to make a better decision about a serious matter in your life, asks Rolf Dobelli.

In the past few decades, the fortunate among us have recognized the hazards of living with an overabundance of food (obesity, diabetes) and have started to change our diets. But most of us do not yet understand that news is to the mind what sugar is to the body. News is easy to digest. The media feeds us small bites of trivial matter, tidbits that don’t really concern our lives and don’t require thinking. That’s why we experience almost no saturation. Unlike reading books and long magazine articles (which require thinking), we can swallow limitless quantities of news flashes, which are bright-colored candies for the mind. Today, we have reached the same point in relation to information that we faced 20 years ago in regard to food. We are beginning to recognize how toxic news can be. (Borrowed from The Guardian).

I have now gone without news for almost 10 years, so I can see, feel and report the effects of this freedom first-hand: less disruption, less anxiety, less fear, deeper thinking, more time, more insights. Stop reading the news today! It’s worth it. - Lukas Horak (CEO at PLATFORM).

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Posted on Jun 17, 2021
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