Minerva Theater, Sydney, AU - Art Deco

I saw this beautiful, traditional Art Deco-style building on Instagram yesterday morning and decided to create a retrofuturistic scene. Its name is Minerva Theater(1939), originally, but in 1950, The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer bought the building and changed its name to METRO.

Like other Art Deco-style architecture, I like its combination of straight lines and curvy lines. I couldn't find the typeface for METRO, so I made it.

I added some futuristic buildings and an airship in the background to make this shot more like a retrofuturistic look. Also, I put a red planet to match color balance to a man holding a smartphone.

Thank you for seeing this and feel free to reach me if you have a project with an Art Deco style illustration.

dongkyu lim
Illustrator & Designer @thestudiokyu

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