Doctolib eSignature ✍️

We are pleased to announce an upcoming feature: the eSignature ✍️on medical documents.

▫️ After the Health Care Profesionnal signs the medical document, an electronic sealing is added on it. Any modification on the file will break this sealing and will be detected by a signature verification app.
▫️ Meta datas are added inside the document allowing anyone to control who signed this document and when.
▫️ The certification of the eSignature is ensured by l'Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS) in France and Italy and by the Bundesdreckereï in Germany

Why we built this feature ?
👉️To boost trust and usage around documents shared with Doctolib
👉️To be on track with the official requirements regarding electronic medical document sharing
👉️To ensure that all documents signed and shared with Doctolib are authentic and cannot be modified

For a more human, efficient and connected health system

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