Moment: Coach Cards

ℹ️ Details I designed coach cards to encourage people to live a better life by giving daily tasks.

For example, we have a card called Attention Span and its 5 days card. We will see 5 tasks spanning 5 days when we tap on it. Every day, we will finish 1 task.

🧘🏻 What is Moment? Moment is a mobile application that reduces our screen time on phones and tablets. It has features like phone fasting, coaching, and family/friend groups.

We can create and join groups of friends or family members. So we can keep each other actionable & receive coaching in tandem.

✍🏻 Case Study By the way, for this project, I wrote a case study that is published on Bootcamp via Medium. You can read it as well to learn more about the project and process.

Coach : Attention span.png
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Mockup : Coach Cards.png
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Mockup : Attention span.png
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