Medical Dashboard Design

Medical Dashboard Design
Hello Creatives,
This is webapp design for hospital management. Doctor and hospital authority can use this webapp to maintain their daily activities.

Here is now the profile of Doctor. So this dashboard now showing the daily activity of doctor. When any hospital or clinic authority will log in to this webapp then it will show the whole activity of a hospital, medical or clinic.

From this dashboard a doctor will able to maintain his daily activity. Such as:
Firstly, a doctor can get the overview of his incoming patient history filtering Yearly ,Monthly, Weekly and Daily.

A doctor will able able to know here how many new patient now, how many injects and surgery patients. Who are in reviews and who are in progress.

Similarly a doctor can know his booking rate and specially his patient booking increase or decrease rate .

We know that, special doctor has chamber in many hospital some cases in many country too. So from this dashboard a doctor can schedule his activity in dashboard calendar. Which will help a doctor to do his duty properly.

During his consultancy, a doctor will able to track his income and expense.

From this appointment section , a doctor can show patient ongoing health history and based on it he can provide proper health consultation and medicine.

I have chosen those colour to make this web app desirable and useful too. Using this web app users wont feel bore and it wont distract users from their goal.

I have added a illustration characters wearing masks as a gentle reminder to wear your mask because of the global Covid pandemic.

The challenge was to keep all important data on this web application to make it user centric and make its interface modern, desirable and useful too.

Hope you will like this design concept ❤️
Let me know your thought about this design in comment box !!

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