Algolia onboarding journey

🧠 How might we help new users become autonomous active users and set them up for long-term success from the beginning of their journey? How might we offer a personalised yet consistent onboarding experience to any user profile?

👉 Our guiding principles
- We build momentum for new users
- We provide the exact help the user needs: no less (disappointing), no more (overwhelming)
- We trust users to be aware of their needs: we don’t impose, we offer choices
- We acknowledge our product can be complex, thus our content is always accessible and helpful

🔎 Solutions details
- 2nd shot: users aren't forced to go through the onboarding. Even if they pick the wrong way, they'll always be offered help.
- 3rd shot: We offer a clear, simple and reassuring to-do list, accessible at any time, for guidance and learning reinforcement
- 4th shot: A reasonable amount of tooltips guide the user through the interface. They are light, easy to read and encouraging.
- 5th shot: Our "get started" section, in addition to the to-do list, embeds a resources section available at any time for users willing to go further.

⭐️ This flow was improved and tested multiple times, and reached a 96pts usability score.

Let's be fun and serious, but fun.

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