Moment: Email / Active State

ℹ️ Details Hey everyone! This is the last step of the onboarding on the Moment. It asks for our email address to send information about our progress.

You can see the active state of the input as well.

🧘🏻 What is Moment? Moment is a mobile application that reduces our screen time on phones and tablets. It has features like phone fasting, coaching, and family/friend groups.

We can create and join groups of friends or family members. So we can keep each other actionable & receive coaching in tandem.

✍🏻 Case Study By the way, for this project, I wrote a case study that is published on Bootcamp via Medium. You can read it as well to learn more about the project and process.

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Onboarding - Email - Focus.png
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Onboarding - Email.png
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