Hi friends,

Together with Synchronized studio , we've been busy finalizing the website for the Covid Art Museum, which is the world's first museum for art born during Covid19 quarantine.

At Synchronized, we believe that art is not just a medium for self-expression. It is a reflection of the present-day reality, a chronicle of the events and happenings encountered by humanity.

The key component of the website is its interactive grid that allows visitors to learn more about the matter while reminding them of the importance to keep social distance. The website is also featuring light and dark modes and a lot of other delightful moments and interactions to keep visitors engagement at a high level.

What's more, we are also running for SOTD on Awwwards and would be really grateful for your support 🙏🏻

Make sure to check the live version of the website https://covidartmuseum.com/ and scroll until the very end 😉

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