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At most software companies, login screens are a little like 404 pages in that they're the only parts of an application that cause the business folks' eyes narrow as they turn to each other and say, "Unleash the designers."

Ok, maybe that's a little too hyperbolic of me πŸ˜‚. But there's some truth in it: thoughtlessly-designed login pages run the risk of becoming misaligned and misrepresentative of the applications they serve as front doors to.

At Resonance, however, we embrace the idea that what's in a user's head, their mental world, is just as important a factor in design than the actual pixels on the page. As game designer Will Wright said:

"Somebody walks into a game store and looks at the cover of your game's box. Based on the front of the box, they start playing a game in their head, and if that game is interesting, they'll pick up the box and look at the back. They then play a new game in their head, closer to the one you've designed. If they like that game, then they'll buy the game and take it home."

A designer's flow state is fragile, and it starts before they even open your application. It's critical that a seamless, consistent, and familiar experience be maintained to foster creative flow, and a vital part of that is ensuring a brand's login page is both functionally pleasant and aesthetically pleasing according to their own brand look and feel. The smoother the experience, the more the interface disappears from view and acts as a transparent conduit for our user's creativity.

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Posted on Apr 15, 2021
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