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Minimal yet incredibly effective and informative credit union iPhone interface. This app serves as your total financial planning, tracking, and management app all in your native credit union app. Rather than downloading third party financial planning software, this credit union features an all in one solution with your traditional money managing tools and all of the graphs, data, and insights you could ask for.

Presented here are the three most used screens featuring Screen #01 which is the "Home Screen" you would see after logging in to your account. here you will see some basic data on your current account balances and latest spending charts.

Next is the screen you would see after tapping the first graph on Screen #01, which is the specific account details.

Finally, Screen #03 is the Transactions Details page which would be accessed view Screen #02 by tapping on any of the Transaction Details charts.

Featuring a true black background and dark mode design where the data becomes the center point of the design, as the only areas with color. All of the graph colors feature the credit unions brand colors' blue and yellow.

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