"Crappy Explanation" - 80s Vinyl Records Store

Hey guys!

"Crappy Explanation" is an extravagant name shared by a number of Zajno music playlists that we organized into a website styled on the 80s vinyl records store aesthetic.

The website is now on AWWWARDS and FWA!

As usual, our goal isn’t just to create a website - we always seek to reflect the nature of the project. In the case of Crappy Explanation, our goal can be best described as tidying up in a quirky, vintage record store, putting the old vinyls in their boxes and organizing them by genres.

That’s right, we like to compare our playlists to a set of one’s favorite LP’s, complete with wear and tear from frequent use. Inspired by the aesthetic of an 80s vinyl records store, we focused on recreating the corresponding textures, behaviors, and sounds to deliver a realistic effect. While creating the website, we used such technologies as Three.js, GSAP, GLSL, WebGL & Hammer.JS.

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