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You can’t change fashion without changing who is making fashion. The beRESONANT Accelerator exists to empower talented, under-represented creators who have something meaningful to say but have not had the tools to say itβ€”until now. We do it by helping them build sustainable, valuable businesses that are going to fundamentally alter the trajectory of this industry.

The beRESONANT Accelerator places brands at the intersection of craftsmanship and technology with a distinct advantage: the technology they use to design, sell, and manufacture is specifically designed to amplify their creativity, not hinder, streamline, or replace it. They design beRESONANT products virtually and produce on-demand, which has several important implications. First, the brands don’t hold inventory for these products, which means they don’t create waste by dumping or incinerating what they don’t sell. This makes them sustainable. Second, the cost of experimentation for beRESONANT products is zero: the brands can test, iterate, and react in real-time based on any number of factors (e.g., customer feedback, current events) with no financial or operational barriers. Plus, the designs they create as part of this program are protected by blockchain technology, which provides them proof of ownership. This makes them valuable. The combination of sustainable and valuable makes them competitive.

We selected 11 black creators from over 350 applicants for the inaugural beRESONANT Accelerator class. The program launched in July 2020, and every single brand was selling product on the beRESONANT store within 8 weeks, and on their own sites shortly after. For the duration of the program, the brands pay no fees, margin, or commission on products created or sold via the beRESONANT platform; when the program ends, 100% of the fees they pay will be reinvested in the Accelerator to benefit future classes.

This is only the beginning. Shop our creators' collections at, follow beRESONANT on Instagram, and read more about the beRESONANT initiative in Vogue and Hypebeast.

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