S.A.M.L. (Societa Aeronautica Mecanica Lombarda) was the main Italian builder of German Aviatik B.1. Until early 1917 they were employed extensively by Italian Reconnaissance Squadrons, before being used as trainers. The Aviatik started to be replaced by an Italian aircraft, the S.A.M.L. ,designed by Swiss engineer Robert Wild, who had been responsible in Germany for the Aviatik B.1 and B.II.
The S.2 was an enlarged 3-bay version of the Aviatik with a 300-hp Fiat A-12 BIS engine. It was used for artillery spotting and occasional bombing. It was a strong, reliable and easy to fly aircraft. It was a strong aircraft with good handling qualities and they were well liked by their crews. There was a Revelli machine gun for the rear cockpit and a second gun mounted on the top wing firing over the propeller arc. An interesting fact about the top gun, whereas it was fired by the pilot, reloading and clearing any stoppages was done by the observer.
Model by me created with blender.

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Posted on Mar 3, 2021
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