Fabrik x Andres Marti

Andres Marti is a photographer and creative artist residing in Bogotá, Colombia. In his latest personal photographic series titled "Otredad" (Otherness), you can see hints of Baroque and Romanticism.

"I immerse characters in universes that play between reality and fiction, where melancholy is the protagonist."

Andres uses Tocuyo, ideal for creatives that want to introduce themselves as well as their work. With optional cover layouts Tocuyo becomes truly immersive with a full-screen hero, thumb grids and an inline about content. Suited to medium-sized portfolios.

"Fabrik is that it is a perfect canvas for my work. It shows detail in a very elegant way, my favorite function is the carousel at the entrance, it makes me feel very pro."

Andre is a Fabrik Hero. Read about his process here: https://fabrik.io/heroes/andres-marti

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