In September 2019, Ziff Davis B2B (J2 Global) completed the acquisition of Spiceworks. For the first few months we made do with a lockup of the 2 logos placed side by side, with the view of eventually combining the 2 brands into one single logo down the line.

Around a year ago, the new company name for the 2 merged companies was decided to be "Spiceworks Ziff Davis", so myself and Rich Heffernan (Creative Director) set out to explore multiple different directions we could take the logo for this NewCo. After around 50 versions and variations we finally settled on a solid favourite amongst the 4/5 stakeholders - the logo above.

For this final logo, we simply used the Helvetica Neue Heavy font and red/black colour palette from the original Ziff Davis B2B logo (and widely recognised colour of 94-year-old Ziff Davis), and combined the initials of both companies to create a succinct, abbreviated mark. Finally, the connection between the 'W' and 'Z' represents the connection/merging of the 2 companies.

Posted on Feb 18, 2021
Luke Etheridge (Proud Designs)
Graphic Designer. Logo Designer. Illustrator. UX.

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