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Howdy! 🤠
Some time ago, I had the opportunity to help a Norwegian company called Sharefox with their booking management platform. The plan was simple; you provide booking services, and we give you a great tool to support all boring tasks without a need to create another spreadsheet. And it worked! Did I mention that it works great on mobile devices too? 👀 Challenge was quite complex because the tool is sophisticated and deals with a lot of data. That’s why it was also an exciting, demanding project!

About the project & what we did
Sharefox approached us with a straightforward task - to help them redesign the platform rapidly. Based on our expertise, experience, a pinch of user testing sessions, and research, we came up with a complete redesign focused on the major pain points pretty fast. I’m sharing some of our work results in today’s shot - the orders view, one of the most important screens where you can see what’s happening with ease. More is yet to come! ✨

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