One page website wireframes

This freebie was created with the intention of helping designers quickly prototype an idea before actually digging into a full design production. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use this resource to quickly brainstorm or put an idea on the table. This is a kickstart for any project. This will save you time by helping you from the repetitive process of creating wireframes for every design.

The concept behind this wireframe was to keep it as simple as the original wireframe by “Raul Taciu,” but to also add more details. Although some felt that it looked more like a template, I for one think that’s a good thing. It will give you a sense of direction, and will also impress clients if it were ever needed to create a quick wireframe. The PSD is organized in a way that it makes it very easy to edit color, placements, and even scale down shape sizes.

Download here (temporary download link):

(Raul, if you like you can share this on your blog "GraphicsBurger.")

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