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Hi guys,

I am still working on my thesis about UX but I had this little concept in my mind. Here is a preview of a Wikipedia concept.

PLEASE NOTE: I did it quickly while working on my thesis. It was just for fun and to propose new ideas visually (namely cleaner look, maybe navigation on top and summary on left and such).
It is not usable like this so relax. It couldn't be implemented this way for sure because it removes (or moves) a lot of important features for instance.
I haven't had time to dig it more, because I am not working for Wikipedia, I don't have access to their user analytics, I hadn't conducted user testing for them, and I hadn't make User flow/Wireframes for this one. This one is for fun guys ;)

Well, here are some changes I would like to see :

✔ A cleaner look. The width of paragraph should have a maximum. Currently the text on Wikipedia goes from one side to another, leading to a high CPL. (Usability problem).

✔ Focus on the reading experience. How many time have you used the items on the left sidebar ? I think it would be a great feature to have a summary on the left sidebar, scrolling with the page. The other options would be displayed under the list (hamburger) icon.

✔ Some controls appear on hover (e.g. Map navigation.). When zooming the map, colors will start to appear.

✔ The list icon would reveal the navigation. I Would also love to put some emphasis on a donate button.

As I told you, with my thesis, I haven't had time to dig it, but I wanted to propose new ideas. (I know I don't have any idea about the whole context, but relax it was just for fun).

By the way, I made two header concepts. The alternative version is a little better visually, but the interaction design isn't good imo. What do you think about it ?

I also wanted to have your opinion about having moderated comments at the end of the article, or on any paragraphs like « Medium ».

And yes "Martinique" is where I come from :)

Comments, feedback, likes and follow are welcome

Have a nice day

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Special thanks to Alex and Jayjay

EDIT : An early quick prototype have been developed by Vinny Fonseca here. The interactions/animations/behavior are not yet implemented, and there are some fixes to do, but it's a great preview, thanks to him.

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