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We are rebilding our platform.
Before we've got items with opportunity to chat by a button, but there was such a long way to start the dialogue. Earlier, was nessesery to open catalog, then open item, then to start/answear the chat. In case they need to chat with more than one in the same time need to close this item and open another or to open a few differrent tabs in browser . Such a mess way, but a common in B2B products. So now i creted a new menu and also created there a section with chats where all chats on one page, user can also search them is nedded and continue another one.
To start a new chat by an item is still possible only in a catalogue, but it's just a specific of bisiness process. Anyway, if someone started to chat trought an item no need to open it all the time to continue the dilogue, users would see a notification on a chat section and easily to find and answear on it.
Thanks for watching!!

Posted on Feb 7, 2021

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