Welcome to Kaizen, a self-directed approach to professional growth. Feedback in the workplace is broken, and most often delivered within a performance review that is designed for and by the company. Kaizen is different. It's built for people. By providing continuous, anonymous and private feedback, it's a fresh and positive way for individuals to grow.

We were tasked with creating the logo and brand identity for this project. The overall look and feel we established is calming and trustworthy, keeping in mind the user and what they are experiencing when they view their feedback. This helps the user feel at ease when they use this product to make them more likely to continue using Kaizen.

The word "Kaizen" is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement". We were inspired by Japanese design, wabi sabi, and simple aesthetics that we used for all aspects of the design work we created.

Steve Wolf
Brand identity designer and illustrator.

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