Download Button Micro Interaction Shot

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The interface design has never been about just an appealing picture. A good interface designer knows that the comfort of a user matters the most when creating a new design. Today we wanted to talk about micro-interactions that are often overseen and underestimated. Here's a download button animation. It gives a response when a user presses it, then it shows that the downloading is in progress, and announces the result, i.e. that the downloading has been completed. This keeps the user concentrated on their experience of using the product.

We implemented a neutral color scheme but used a range of colors. This way we managed to divide the micro-actions that make up the interaction process.

From a full-scale web interface perspective, a button may seem small and unessential. But in many cases, a user's journey starts here. We make sure that small elements provide an engaging micro-interacting experience.

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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