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Cheerz is a start-up reinventing photo printing to empower everyday/mobile photography. Cheerz has put the User Experience at the center of its reflexion, with a single leitmotiv : Be the simplest and the most intuitive photo printing service.

Cheerz was featured as App of the Day three times on the FR Appstore for its service and its simplicity.

Women from 25 to 35 with 0 to complete knowledge of mobile apps. Since a lot of 40+ used the apps we made readability and reachability a top priority.

As lead interaction designer my main mission was to design the new flow of our customization module.
We have 6 product families and up to 40 products.

There are a lot of parameters with "extreme variations":
• volume of informations
• product ratio
• monophoto products / multiphoto layout products
• monopage / multipage
And of course it must work on a web desktop and mobile version.

• We used Maze to remotely tests different UX flows.
• We then wireframed the entire flow and all UX variations depending on the different products.
• We used "as little design as possible" in order to keep a consistent UI.

The whole iterative process took 10 months and it's still in progress from a design and dev point of view.
It's at this time my biggest UX challenge.

Note: the majority of icons were taken from the Feather Icons library made by Cole Bemis

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